Cargo Management
for Pickup Beds & Vans


    BEDSLIDE is simply the easiest way to load and unload your truck.  It turns your truck bed into a sliding drawer.  BEDSLIDE is about efficiency—minimum time and energy for maximum results. BEDSLIDE is all about getting the job done right. There is a BEDSLIDE model to fit almost any truck, van or SUV to make loading, transporting and accessing your freight simple and safe. Each BEDSLIDE can be adapted with custom boxes, racks or dividers. Plus, our riv-nut mounting system makes installation and removal a cinch. Manufactured in the U.S.A., BEDSLIDE has built its reputation on precision craftsmanship, dependability and durability.


From D-Rings and straps to E-Track and O-Track, we have many Keeper hardware options to help secure your cargo. Let us know what you need. With so many hardware options available, we can find the right hardware for the job.

Cargo Hardware Products

Vertex 5 Bike Carrier

     This hitch rack’s unique arc design makes it easier to load and unload, provides better ground clearance and gives you greater distance between your bikes for easy transport.


-  The bold new hitch rack with unique arc design for easier
    bike loading and carrying performance

  Increased mast height for improved ground clearance

  New Hold Fast Cradles™ cushion bike and provide maximum bike

  The largest carrying assortment available: 2 bike (9028), 4 bike
    (9029) and 5 bike (9030) hitch racks

  Anti-Sway Cages prevent bike-to-bike and bike-to-vehicle

  New and improved Hitch Switch™ folds arms down when not in
    use and tilts carrier away from vehicle for trunk, hatch or
    tailgate access

  Integrated handle for easy carrying and handling

  Snug-Tite™ receiver lock (STL2, sold separately) virtually
    eliminates hitch rack movement in receiver and locks the hitch
    rack to the vehicle

  Secure your bikes to the hitch rack with Thule’s 6 ft. Braided
    Steel Cable (#538XT, sold separately)

  5 bike (9030) fits 2" receivers only         

Cargo Solutions

     Whether your hauling bikes, skis, kayaks, camping gear, or a combination of sorts, Yakima has the solution for you. The engineers at Yakima pair years of mechanical experience with material knowledge to optimize design so performance and longevity can be guaranteed. They use the highest quality materials and the best engineering practices so that you can always have gear you can trust trip after trip, year after year.