- Weathertech Floormats, Schaeffer Oil, Reach EZ

"I use several products that our sold through Performance Car & Truck. One of these accessories is Weathertech floor mats, which I love. They really protect the floor of my husbands F250. I have also had my oil changed using Schaeffer oil as well as the Reach EZ that allows me to reach and get to anything in my husbands bed of his truck. Being that I am shorter, it is very handy!"
I am the office manager/bookkeeper for Performance Car & Truck and Kardell Leasing Company. My responsibilities include paying company bills and receiving customer payments, payroll, ordering office supplies, and answering phone calls. You might also talk to me if you are purchasing a trailer as I also finalize paperwork on trailer sales. I have been working here for almost 2 years.
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