Our In-Stock Aero Mufflers
Technical Operation Process

The Aeroturbine allows your engine to breathe easier and dramatically increases your vehicle's performance.

When the incoming exhaust air stream enters the Aeroturbine it is rapidly expanded and split via an airfoil cone with an orifice similar to a jet engine. The air begins to spin because of the increased velocity and pressure transfers. The outer air stream then accelerates as it recombines with the inner air stream. The recombining of the air streams creates a vacuum that both muffles the exhaust sound and increases the exhaust flow. Thus allowing your engine to breathe easier and dramatically increasing your vehicle's performance. The Aeroturbine allows the more efficient combustion to create the added power instead of simply dumping more fuel into your engine.

The Aeroturbine achieves incredible performance and improved gas mileage while creating the smoothest low throaty turbo sound on the market.
5" id inlet, 7.5" body, 26" body length 5" id outlet, 30" overall length
4" id inlet
2.5" id inlet, 20" long body
2.5" id outlet
25" overall length, 6" diameter
3" id inlet, 20" long body
3" id outlet
26" overall length, 6" diameter
, 20" long body, 4" id outlet
26" overall length