Bikini Tops

Header Style Bikini's come in traditional and Safari lengths. The name refers to how they connect to the windshield: Header Bikini's use a special no-drill windshield channel (sold separately) that connects to your windshield more easily. Available for 97 and up Wranglers.

The Safari Style Bikini is an incredibly popular style that provides coverage over the back seat as well as the front.

Bestop invented the Bikini® top and has been making them for over 50 years.

All Bestop Bikini® tops are made with premium fabric and industrial grade thread and fasteners. They will last longer and maintain their shape and fit better than others.
Safari Style Bikini
Header Style Bikini


The Bestop Halftop™ combines the best features of the popular Bikini®, Windjammer™ and Duster™ Deck Cover. The Halftop completely seals off the cockpit from exposure to the elements.

Convenient fold-back sunroof for open-air driving enjoyment.

Zip out rear window with a built in mesh screen for maximum ventilation.

For appearance and durability, the premium fabric maintains shape in any temperature.

One-year limited warranty.

Black Twill Supertop NX

• Lifetime Limited Warranty – the only soft top you can buy with a warranty this strong.

• New 30-oz. triple-layer Black Twill fabric has superior durability to other fabric used in Jeep soft tops.

• Black Twill fabric as found on high-end sports and luxury cars like Camaro, BMW and Rolls Royce.

• Features a smooth, wrinkle-resistant appearance, and contains no PVC’s.

• More flexible with a softer feel and superior cold-weather performance than sailcloth fabric.

• Industry-leading 40-mil, D.O.T. approved vinyl side and rear windows have 31% tint to help keep interior cooler in warm weather.

• Removable and replaceable windows feature top of the line YKK scoop count zippers for easy removal or installation with extended surface heat-sealing for strength and protection from climate extremes.

• 135 gauge polyester industrial thread use throughout with finished seams for lifelong durability.

• Premium hardware is black powder-coated for corrosion and scratch resistance.

• Features factory-style door surrounds and windshield header assembly, Bestop-exclusive Top Arch Bar, Quick-release Bow Knuckles and adjustable tensioning, just like Supertop NX.

• Bestop-exclusive Flip-back Sunrider sunroof panel for an open air ride is standard on Supertop NX.
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